Formula Botanica “Graduate Success Story: Sekretet e Natyres”

Graduate Success Story: Sekretet e Natyres

Sekretet e Natyres

We love featuring our graduates and their exciting businesses with you. You can read all of our previous on our graduates page.  Today we have the pleasure of speaking Eriona Xhaferaj from Albania, who runs Sekretet e Natyres or Secrets of Nature. Eriona has been part of our community since early 2015, when she enrolled with us as our first Albanian student.

Lexo vazhdimin

Farmaciste Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

Farmacite Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

  1. · Korrik 2017 nis trajnimet online në Insitutin anglez Online Parfum School për Natural Perfumery Masterclass dhe Creating Fragrance for Skincare Products.
  2. Qershor 2017 nis trajnimin online 2vjecar në Insitutin anglez Formula Botanica në “Diploma in Organic Haircare”
  3. Janar  Shkurt 2017 kryen me sukses kursin për Tajtimet Estetike 
    , pranë qendrës Tutte EsteticaTiranë.
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